Swedish Stripe bag

So, you’ve bought your gorgeous Florence Broadhurst fabric and completed your project… What do you do with that end piece?

Make a very useful tote is what you do!

After a few searches on Pinterest I found an easy, no zipper, fold over tote.

What You’ll Need

  • Florence Broadhurst fabric. This one is Swedish Stripe ‘Autumn’ printed onto Palermo velvet.
  • Contrasting fabric for lining.
  • Fabric for handle tabs (I used the same as the lining)
  • Either fabric for the strap or, I utilised a handle off another bag.
Swedish Stripe Autumn, Palermo

Prepping The Tote Bag Pattern

Using the width of fabric I had left leftover, I folded it until getting the depth of the bag I wanted.

The Sewing Part

Putting a 3/4 lining in was super easy as you don’t sew the bottom in and I also made the handle tabs out of the lining fabric.

I started by sewing my lining to the tops of the bag and finishing the seams and the hem on the lining.

Tote bag

Then I pinned a very easy tuck in the bottom in the bag to create a no-cut gusset.

Sewing project
  • For the bag handle, either pin in your handle tabs (if you’re re-purposing a bag strap like I did) or pin the full length of strap at the point you want your fold-over flap.
  • Sew up the sides.
  • Turn the right side out to check everything is where you want it to be. Then turn it back inside out and finish your seams.
  • Next, turn the right side out and tuck your lining back in.
  • Pin top the opening and top stitch all way around.
Tote bag sewing project, Florence Broadhurst
tote bag sewing

If you made handle tabs, now attach the strap and you are done!

You have yourself a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind Florence Broadhurst tote bag.

Tote-ally amazing, don’t you think?

Florence Broadhurst tote bag
Florence Broadhurst tote bag

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