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What to do you do with your Florence Broadhurst Fabrics samples and offcuts once you have ordered your fabric?

An IKEA hack of course!

I had a pair of pretty old (and rather boring) oven mitts from IKEA. They were still in good order but they needed an update. So, time for new covers!

I already had Florence Broadhurst Cockatoos in Scarlet printed onto Peau De Peche base cloth for cushion fabric. With remnants left over, this was the perfect print for the oven mitts.

Oven Mitts Pattern Cutting

  • Lay the oven mitt onto your fabric to choose the best part of the design.
  • Trace a pattern straight from the mitt onto some newspaper (because the back and one front had the same shape I traced both onto the back pattern.)
  • Leave approx. 4 cm. allowance for the seam (in the images you’ll see I only allowed a 2ish cm seam allowance. After I had sewn it all I realised I should have allowed more as it was quite snug.)
Oven mitts BEFORE!
Pattern cutting
Back pattern
Cockatoos Scarlet on Peau De Peche
Cockatoos in Scarlet on Peau De Peche
Pattern cutting
Front pattern

oven mitts pattern
  • Cut the back first.
  • Then cut the pattern down for the front.
Florence Broadhurst Cockatoos oven mitts
sewing project
Florence Broadhurst Cockatoos oven mitts
  • Cut out all the pieces.
  • Sew them up and turn them inside out.
sewing time
oven mitts sewing project
  • Slip the original mitts inside (trimming the opening allows you to hand sew to the original binding)
Florence sewing project
#ikeahack oven mitts
sewing project oven mitts
#ikeahack oven mitts

And the result? New oven mitts! Such an iconic Florence Broadhurst design which brings a brilliant pop of colour to your kitchen.

If you have a go of this ‘handy’ (pun intended) little project, do share your pics with us using #myfabflorence on Instagram as we would love to see what you create! @florence.broadhurst.fabrics

Disclaimer: I am not a professional sewer and rarely use pins or a pattern and generally make things up as I go along. I just love fabric, making and repurposing!

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