Revamp your lamps

Everyone knows that new cushions can quickly revive the feel of your home decor. But how about those tired old lamps?! A simple way to inject some colour and pattern into your home, this could be the style refresh that you’re looking for!

When we were tagged in the handy-work of LivsLamps, we got in touch with owner, Olivia, and had a little chat.

Take a look at some of her fabulous lampshades below, hear the story behind her business, what colours are trending and which is her favourite Florence Broadhurst design!

Tiger Stripe Eclipse on Arizona
Tiger Stripe Eclipse lamp
Tiger Stripe Eclipse lampshade

Pictured: Tiger Stripe Eclipse

Tell us a little bit about you…

I am Olivia, I’m an avid tea drinker and adventure sports person, who loves kite boarding and making lampshades.

When did you launch your business, and why?

I launched LivsLamps in November 2017, when my lamp broke and I was frustrated in the lack of exciting lampshades available in the market – I have been living in rentals where you can’t put art up on the walls, so I thought I’d combine the two and I came up with my little lampshade making venture.  I specialise in loud, large prints, preferably by Australian designers. 

Japanese Bamboo lampshade
Japanese Bamboo Cruise

Pictured: Japanese Bamboo ‘Navy’

What do you love about Florence?

I love her resourcefulness. If you’ve ever read her biography (I highly recommend you do) she was an exceptionally tenacious woman who was incredibly creative. Not only as a thespian, but an artist, and to have created such timeless pieces, well, I wish I could only to be an 8th as creative as her.

Are you seeing a resurgence in pattern and prints?

Absolutely. People are pushing away from plain, enjoying loud prints once again! 

Which colour trends do people seem to be following?

I am seeing a lot of blues, rich greens and pinks this season so far.

Which is your favourite lampshade style?

I really enjoy making drums, and tall cylinders, but tall tapered shades are making a comeback. 

Spanish Plate Forest
Spanish Plate lamp
Spanish Plate lampshade

Pictured: Spanish Plate ‘Forest’

Which is your favourite Florence print?

I absolutely adore Spanish Plate. It is so very clever the way it seamlessly repeats at every corner. An absolute dream to make shades with. 

If you’re thinking of making your own, there are some expert details to consider like the appropriate base cloth as well as the fabric needing to be railroaded. This is how it is printed with the print running up the fabric. But Olivia can manage all of this for you once you have selected your favourite design.

To order, head to LivsLamps for a custom quote, or check out her Etsy store for an in-stock collection of Florence Broadhurst designs. 

With thanks to Olivia for her beautiful creations and taking the time to give some insight into her business.

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